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Free Video Masterclass: 

Understand suicide & learn how to shift from surviving to THRIVING!

From Suicidal to Thriving

Mini Course 

Learn the fundamentals of suicide prevention and crisis intervention techniques.

Full Course 

A comprehensive program that covers topics not found in traditional suicide prevention training.

Virtual Cohort

The full course + group learning for a structured and collaborative learning experience.

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We offer three ways to learn:

Stay Updated
Eliminate fear-based reactions
Shift from a crisis mentality to one of wellness & empowerment
Address all facets of mental, physical & emotional health
Teach individuals to improve their quality of life

What You'll Learn

From Suicidal to Thriving will give you the confidence to provide life-saving support.

"Jenny possesses a unique talent for guiding individuals and their loved ones from the depths of despair to a place of renewed hope and growth."

Sarita Parks

Consultant & Coach

"I attended an amazing training by Jenny Thrasher that could benefit anyone whose family members, friends, or clients have a personal challenges."

Dawn Bennett

Author & Healer

I've been on the healing path for years, and From Suicidal to Thriving is the most comprehensive program on wellness I've found. This information is a gift to those who have been touched by suicide or depression and want to heal from it.

Kesha Lien


Register for the Professional Development course and receive free access to our live cohort starting Jan. 16, 2024. ($1,278 value).

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