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If we truly want to prevent suicide, it's not enough to focus on stopping it in the moment of crisis. Instead, our goal should be helping people live a life they love. That's real prevention. 

Talking about mental health isn’t enough.

Despite increasing awareness and conversations around mental health, stats prove the primary approach isn't working.

Our Values Are Our Roadmap


We act from a place of integrity, understanding and compassion.


We believe healing is possible and that we can all live a life we love.


We give, receive, and show up for each other in meaningful ways.


We provide a safe space, tools, and resources for continued growth.


We live in awareness of all that we are —and we own it.

Our Vision is Possible

Everyone can feel worthy, loved, and excited about life.


Our Movement Transcends Traditional Suicide Prevention

We're creating a world where it's possible for everyone to live a life they love. 

Organizations We've Inspired

All That We Are© honors those who have encouraged Jenny to step outside her comfort zone, encouraged her during times of self-doubt, and loved her when she felt unlovable. She recognizes she wouldn't be all that she is today without all of them.

Our founder Jenny was challenged by her best friend to choose a name for her business that encompassed all that she had been through, knowing it helped her become all that she is today. 

Inspiration struck while listening to her favorite playlist and singing along to Blue October's "All That We Are." She knew that was it. 

She immediately texted her friend, "I've got it! All That We Are. It covers everything. All that we are as individuals; in mind, body, and spirit; the good and bad; the beautiful and ugly. And all that we are in our community and how we show up for others. All that we are at the core is love. What do you think?"

She held her breath and watched the bubbles indicating the response, "I love it. It's perfect."

A Meaningful Name

Our approach is rooted in four key components:
Elimination of fear

Shifting away from reactive and fear-based tactics that only focus on stopping suicide in the moment of crisis.

Safe language

We have to change the way we talk about mental health so that we can change how we respond to it.

Human Health Cycle

We can't address mental health without also addressing our physical and emotional health.


Empowering individuals to improve their own quality of life is the key to sustainable suicide prevention.

We're on a Mission

Our mission is to shatter stigmas, challenge the traditional path of health and wellness, and make it possible for everyone to live a life they love.

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