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April 7, 2024, Minneapolis, MN

April 14, 2024, London, UK

The Social Movement

Revolutionizing Mental Health

Ignite the fire within to become More Than you ever thought possible. 

Challenging the notion that we are defined by trauma, pain, or diagnoses

Replacing fear-based narratives with ones grounded in empowerment and strength.

Helping others move from helplessness and isolation to empowerment and connection.

Cultivating meaningful connections within a supportive community.

Together, we are:

More Than Mental Health is a collective answer to a broken system and a bold leap forward that goes beyond the narrow confines of mental health.

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Minneapolis, MN

April 7, 2024
Minneapolis skyline

London, UK

April 14, 2024
London skyline

Save the Date

Mark your calendars and join us for a day of inspiring speakers, music, and more!

Get Involved

Join the movement by choosing one of the opportunities below:

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