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It’s Time to Change the Conversation

Using real life experiences with evidence based practices to provide an authentic & uplifting message.

Get to the root cause of depression.

Understand the full spectrum of mental health and optimal wellness

By humanizing our understanding of mental health, we have the power to remove the stigma and improve an individual’s quality of life – both key to reducing the rate of suicide.

Learn the physical and emotional symptoms of depression

Discover the difference between mental health fatigue, distress, crisis, and disorder.

Gain the confidence to have effective conversations and provide support

Replace fear with understanding.

Together, we can reduce the risk of suicide, prevent crises, & live lives we love.

Jenny Thrasher is an international speaker, educator, and author who passionately shares her experiences and knowledge to promote wellness and prevent crises.

Start the Conversation

Coming Soon

Vital lessons Jenny’s learned from navigating three generations of mental health challenges.

Get comfortable having conversations about mental health

Three high-risk factors for suicide

Respond to someone in crisis

Receive a Daily Mental Health Checklist

Cost: Free

Limited to 30 participants

Developing Awareness

Coming Soon

An overview of a comprehensive & transformative approach to mental health.

Understanding suicide & addressing stigma

Mental Health Spectrum

The connection between mental, physical & emotional health

Tools & resources for achieving wellness

Cost: $125.00*

Limited to 30 participants

Safe Messaging

Coming Soon

How to safely and effectively share your story on stage or with friends and family.

Develop language focused on removing stigma

Communicate why you're sharing your story

Understand the dangers of graphic details

Methods to convey the message effectively.

Cost: $99.00*

Limited to 30 participants

In addition to the following public workshops, she is available for customized workshops, keynotes, and training programs.

* Limited-time pricing while accreditation is pending.

Want to bring Jenny into your community?

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Schedule a call

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Get a proposal

If we're a match, we'll send an approach specifically tailored to your unique situation, culture and needs.

Free Workshops & Events

A safe space to connect, learn, and share experiences.

Having lived through multiple experiences that left her feeling alone, desperate, and often defeated, Jenny Thrasher knows how it feels to search for answers, clarity, and understanding and fight through the pain.

  • Start the Conversation
    Multiple Dates
    Thu, Apr 13
    Virtual Event
    Apr 13, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CDT
    Virtual Event
    Learn how to have effective conversations about mental health and suicide. Hosted by Jenny Thrasher.

She never claims to have all the answers, but she's determined to continue searching and provide a safe space to discuss uncomfortable or taboo topics.

At All That We Are, we believe everyone should have access to support regardless of financial status. 

Our free online events are funded through a wellness initiative that allows attendees access to valuable content at no cost and without a sales pitch.

Attendees are encouraged to attend one Start the Conversation before attending Community Conversations.

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