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Person taking the From Suicidal to Thriving Masterclass

Free Video Masterclass: 

Crisis Intervention & Prevention Techniques 

From Suicidal

to Thriving

What You'll Learn

Identify, intervene & prevent a crisis. 

Risk Factors for Suicide

Understanding the three factors that place someone at risk for suicide empowers you to intervene for yourself and others.

SIT Method

Our simple, three-step approach to crisis intervention can be practiced daily without waiting for an actual crisis to occur.

Reduce the Risk of Crisis

Three additions to your daily routine that reduce the risk of crisis and make it possible for you to live a life you love.

Free Instant Access

Essential & life-saving information for everybody.

Jenny Thrasher, Founder & Course Creator

"Many people feel uncomfortable discussing mental health issues because they don't know how to help. From Suicidal to Thriving will help you overcome feelings of helplessness, reduce stigma, and save lives."

Author, international speaker, and educator Jenny Thrasher brings a much-needed voice to the mental health conversation. In addition to language, evidence-based practices, and self-care techniques, she uses personal stories to move audiences beyond clinical awareness to a humanized understanding.

Jenny has dedicated 24 years to understanding and overcoming health challenges. Despite a degree in Psychology, she attributes her authority on the matter to her life experiences. After losing her father to suicide and almost losing her daughter, she realized intervention alone isn't enough. To truly prevent suicide, people have to live a life they love. Jenny is the author of "Growing Through Grief," a guide to healing after losing a loved one to suicide. She also founded Growing Out Of Darkness and is a recognized advocate.

Jenny Thrasher holding her book "Growing Through Grief"

Meet Jenny

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