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Supporting a Loved One Through Their Darkest Moments

For those supporting a loved one through their darkest moments, I'm here to walk beside you as you discover the power of living a life you love.


Hi, I’m Jenny Thrasher

From a place of lived experience and years of research, I’m here to assist you in your efforts to support someone you love while ensuring your own sense of safety and wellbeing.


Utilizing all that I learned from supporting my daughter in her transition from suicidal to thriving along with an awareness of each person’s individual experiences, I compassionately walk beside you offering a collection of tools and resources to assist you in your own journey that will help you and your loved one shift from surviving to thriving.

Together we will …

Understand Your Grief: Unpack the complex emotions and challenges unique to losing a loved one to suicide.

Embrace Your Healing : Personalized coaching that respects where you are and empowers where you’re going.

Build a Life You Love : Strategies that transform pain into pillars of strength and purpose.

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Overwhelmed by Responsibility

Uncertain and Scared


Frustrated and Helpless

Emotionally Exhausted

From Supporting to Empowering: Building a Life Worth Living

The grief that comes from losing a loved one to suicide is complex and unique to each person. 

Are you feeling?


Are you angry at yourself and/or others because this situation feels impossible and nothing is working?

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Are you so desperate for relief that you would do anything even if it means hurting yourself or others to numb or escape the pain?

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Are you feeling guilty for not being able to do more for yourself and/or for the pain you’ve caused others?

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The intensity of feeling as if you are barely surviving is amplified by a general lack of understanding for what is causing this experience.

Which could cause you to experience …

Strained Relationships

Does it feel challenging to be around others, not knowing what to say and often feeling misunderstood or pressured to be over it.

Shame & Stigma

Have you felt judged or the need to explain that this doesn’t make sense because this wasn’t who your loved one was?

Isolation & Loneliness

Do you feel alone in your grief, as if no one truly understands your loss? 


Are you concerned about your own mental health or do you find yourself worrying about others and that this might happen again?

Deep Desire for Peace

Are you yearning for a sense of normalcy and the ability to find joy in life again despite the grief

Longing to Connect Others

Are you feeling called to help others, but you aren’t sure how?

I’m here with you

Healing is possible. It isn’t how much time that passes, but what you do with that time. In order to best assist you in your healing journey we will utilize the THRIVE Methodology.

The THRIVE Methodology consists of six key components.

Whatever you’ve experienced, please know that you’re not alone.

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Building Trust and learning how to create safe spaces to ensure that you feel connected to others while prioritizing your own health and well-being.

Embracing a new understanding of Hope that removes all the fear and uncertainty around suicide so that you know how to easily and confidently talk about it and respond to it.

Exploring the Resonance between our physical, mental and emotional health to make sense of your situation and to ensure that you are moving forward with an awareness of root causes while feeling

Making an Investment in your physical health that goes beyond masking symptoms so that you are living in a way that supports your body’s natural abilities to perform and self-heal.

Nurturing your Vision of mental health in order to expand your perception of who you truly are, what you’ve already experienced and all the possibilities for you to live a life you love.

Utilizing the Energy of your emotional health to ensure that you access what is often an untapped super power that will help you discover the power of unconditional self-love.

When navigating the grief that comes after losing a loved one to suicide, we use the framework of the THRIVE Methodology by:

Developing an awareness of the six components of the THRIVE Methodology and implementing them into your daily practices ensures that you regularly experience meaning, connection and contribution which are the three factors that reduce the risk of crisis.

Beyond that, the THRIVE Methodology supports you in fully processing the loss you’ve experienced so that you can move forward free of overwhelming pain and focused on building a life you love. 

Begin Your Healing Journey
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