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Transform Your Approach to Mental Health

Have effective conversations about mental health, prevent suicide, and respond to people in crisis.

The conventional approach to mental health is ineffective & often does more harm than good.

All That We Are® is leading a movement to shift the narrative from a fear-based crisis mentality to one of wellness & empowerment.

Create a safe space to have effective conversations
Respond confidently to someone in distress or crisis
Gain new perspectives on depression & suicide
Learn how to achieve optimal health & wellness.

Learn how to safely respond to & prevent a crisis.

Be prepared for difficult conversations and situations.


Engaging learning experience that removes barriers & promotes effective conversation.


Meaningful content customized to audience needs, goals & learning styles.


Supplemental programs & personalized content that goes beyond traditional suicide prevention.

Learning opportunities for individuals & organizations.

From free community conversations to customized programming & keynotes, we can help you support the people you care about.

Talking about mental health doesn’t have to be depressing.

Join a conversation to learn the All That We Are® methodology.

At our most recent conference, Jenny was our Keynote Speaker on Survivor Day, the day we set aside for Loss and Attempt Survivors. Her presentation was outstanding. Her audience was captivated by her openness
about her own experience, her own grief, what she has learned, and how others can heal from their own personal losses.

Gail Urso

Co-founder & VP, Kevin's Song

Having lost two members of my organization to suicide this past few months, her talk not only resonated with me deeply, but it also helped me and my organization realize how relevant mental health is both personally and professionally.


Head of Clinical, Medical Affairs & Outcomes Research, Philips

Jenny met with our Management Team and was able to communicate her message in a way that put everyone in the room at ease. Most importantly she gave us a new language to comfortably and effectively discuss mental health and suicidal tendencies when we see colleagues and loved ones in need. Thanks to Jenny the discussion around suicide is no longer an awkward topic for me to discuss with my family or within my organization as a HR Leader.


HR Business Partner, Philips

In my personal opinion, Jenny is an amazing example of a person who can deeply connect with others. I have known Jenny since May of 2021 and I’m inspired not only by her story, but her attitude and perspective. I’m proud to call her a friend and also a mentor. She is a hard worker and is very effective at spreading her message. I would also highly recommend Jenny’s book, Growing Through Grief.

Meghan Gallagher

Former Crisis Line Counselor

I have attended a couple of Jenny’s (All That We Are) Workshops over the past couple of months, and I can say that they have transformed how I “show up” in critical times and how to recognize those times.
Jenny’s real-world approach to supporting people coping with a mental health challenge has given me the confidence to talk to my friends, family and colleagues in those situations.

Adam Carter

Founder & Coach

Jenny truly is a gift. She brings such wisdom and insight to human connection and language that brings healing. Thanks for living your passion.

Leslie Christensen

Mental Health Advocate

Jenny is a rising star & a trail blazer in the mental health world. She is passionate about her work, dynamic in her words, and a bright light that is here to show us a new way. Jenny has something to teach us all, and I am so grateful for her work and for all she’s added to my own life. She’s definitely one to keep your eye on. She is here to do great things!

Renee Butters

Intuitive Energy Healer

Jenny is an incredibly thoughtful and insightful teacher for mental health and awareness around loss of life by suicide. She has a beautiful way of teaching a very difficult material. You can tell that she loves her work and actually brings an upbeat energy to an intense subject!

Wafaya Abdallah

Salon Owner & Educator

Before we can make real change, we have to address what isn't working.

A common language that perpetuates stigma and causes harm.

Check the box suicide prevention initiatives are ineffective, fear-based, and leave many unanswered questions.

A limited understanding of the root causes of depression and suicide prevents true wellness.

Mental health advocates and professionals lack first-hand experience and are limited in their ability to connect fully.

Availability and affordability of services are limited.

We offer a modern approach:

A language that facilitates open and effective non-intimidating conversations

A focus on self-love to reduce the risk of crisis before it happens

An expanded view of wellness that emphasizes the connection between mental, physical, and emotional health

Highly qualified professionals with personal experience and a passion for connecting with others and empowering them to live their best life

An affordable way to provide access to mental health support and resources

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