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Transform Your Approach to Mental Health & Wellness

Have effective conversations about mental health, prevent crises, and help the people you care about thrive.

 All That We Are® is shifting the mental health narrative from a fear-based, crisis mentality to one of wellness & empowerment.

All That We Are® is leading the transformation in how society responds to mental health, emotional crises, and suicide. Our movement transcends traditional suicide and crisis prevention—it is a call to action.

Our mission is to shatter stigmas, challenge the traditional path of health and wellness, and embrace all that we are so it's possible to live lives we love.

We provide the tools, resources, and content to help individuals and organizations prevent crisis and live better.

Create a safe space to have effective conversations

Respond confidently to someone in distress or crisis

Gain new perspectives on depression and suicide

Learn how physical, mental, and emotional health work together

Gain a deeper understanding of depression & suicide.

Whether you're an individual or part of an organization, we can help you understand, support, and advocate for the people you care about.


Engaging learning experience that removes barriers & promotes effective conversation.


Meaningful content customized to audience needs, goals & learning styles.


Confidently develop programs & distribute content that promotes understanding.

We offer quality, customized programming, and authentic conversation.

Talking about mental health doesn’t have to be depressing.

We believe there is a more intentional and effective way to address the actual causes of depression and suicide. It starts by having open and effective conversations about mental health and teaching people how to live their best lives.

Jenny met with our Management Team and was able to communicate her message in a way that put everyone in the room at ease. Most importantly she gave us a new language to comfortably and effectively discuss mental health and suicidal tendencies when we see colleagues and loved ones in need. Thanks to Jenny the discussion around suicide is no longer an awkward topic for me to discuss with my family or within my organization as a HR Leader.


Human Resources, Philips Healthcare

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Having lost two members of my organization to suicide this past few months, her (Jenny) talk not only resonated with me deeply, but it also helped me and my organization realize how relevant mental health is both personally and professionally. The stigma of talking about mental health is no longer there which in turn created a deeper and more engaged organization.


Head of ClinicalPhilips Healthcare

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Jenny was our Keynote Speaker on Survivor Day, the day we set aside for Loss and Attempt Survivors. Her presentation was outstanding. Her audience was captivated by her openness about her own experience, her own grief, what she has learned and how others can heal from their own personal losses.

Gail Urso

Cofounder & Vice-President, Kevin's Song

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"Having lost a close family member to suicide, I found solace in understanding the events as symptoms of a broader illness. This new understanding enabled me to have open discussions with some of my family members for the first time. It also created a leadership culture at work where mental health is prioritized and openly discussed. This is more important than ever as we seek to lead our teams amidst the challenges of COVID."


General Manager, Philips Healthcare

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“Jenny has spoken at several of our events and we hope many more to come. Her approachable style, combined with her eloquent delivery connects directly to the heart of audiences, allowing them to experience both the depths of pain she has withstood, and the spirit of hope with which she lives.”

Christopher Shaw

Executive Director, The Heart and Mind Connection

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"Jenny's talk with us gave us hope.  Her positive approach to mental health and the de-stigmatizing of talking about mental health was refreshing. Students acknowledged that some topics were sad but were deeply appreciative of the openness of the talk, the way we can grow through adversity, and how we can help ourselves by helping others!"

Laura Jagroop

Eden Area ROP

Before we can make real change, we have to address what isn't working.

A common language that perpetuates stigma and causes harm.

Check the box suicide prevention initiatives are ineffective, fear-based, and leave many unanswered questions.

A limited understanding of the root causes of depression and suicide prevents true wellness.

Mental health advocates and professionals lack first-hand experience and are limited in their ability to connect fully.

Availability and affordability of services are limited.

We offer a modern approach:

A language that facilitates open and effective non-intimidating conversations

A focus on self-love to reduce the risk of crisis before it happens

An expanded view of wellness that emphasizes the connection between mental, physical, and emotional health

Highly qualified professionals with personal experience and a passion for connecting with others and empowering them to live their best life

An affordable way to provide access to mental health support and resources

Jenny Thrasher
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